The Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral shimmers with Linetec's finishing

PortCanaveral3-webExploration Tower at Port Canaveral’s shimmering, iridescent exterior welcomes visitors to Florida’s Space Coast and Canaveral Cove. The seven-story, sail-shaped, metal-clad tower showcases the first use of a mica coating that appears to shift its color in different light and at different angles. Achieving this distinctive effect, Linetec spray-applied Valspar’s Kameleon™ Color to Firestone Metal Products’ UNA-CLAD™ metal wall panels.
Taking its cues from the shapes and hues of the port, GWWO Inc./Architects designed the 23,000-square-foot structure to express the common characteristics of “transience, function and imagery.” GWWO selected Blue Pearl II color-changing paint to capture the themes of revitalization and change it sought to represent for the Port Canaveral area. Along with its unique appearance, Linetec applied the finish in accordance with AAMA-2605 to withstand Florida’s hurricane wind speeds, unrelenting sun and salt spray.
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Photos by Rip Noel, Noel Studios Inc.

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