Linetec Facility Address Change

LinetecBldgDue to Linetec’s recent anodize facility expansion, 75th Avenue has become part of Linetec’s property and is no longer a city street.  This means our mailing address must change.

Linetec’s official mailing address is now 7500 Stewart Avenue, Wausau WI  54401.  The post office will continue to deliver mail that has our old address on it for up to 18 months and will also recognize the new address immediately.  We have updated the majority of paperwork, invoices, and our systems.

The address for the Polywood Paint facility is 7200 W Stewart, Wausau WI 54401 and the Anodize address is 7550 W. Stewart, Wausau WI 54401.  These identify the buildings but should not be used for mailing address purposes (mail will not be delivered to these locations). All mail should be sent to Linetec’s main address 7500 W Stewart Avenue, Wausau WI 54401.

Please note that there is no change to our payment remittance address.