Linetec offers over 30,000 color choices

From Dark Ivy to Copper Anodize, Linetec offers 30,000 color choices and distinctive anodize finishes

With more than 30,000 colors in our palette, the ability to match almost any hue in-house and a range of anodize colors that includes our proprietary copper, Linetec provides long-lasting finishes for architectural aluminum products.

Miami Valley dd logo 1Linetec’s finishes are specified on windows and curtainwall, column covers, canopies and panel systems, in thousands of building projects every year. The assortment of durable finishes may be requested as liquid or powder coatings, or as eco-friendly, VOC-free anodize. With the 100% air capture system and regenerative thermal oxidizer, VOCs from the paint process are captured and destroyed so there is no adverse environmental impact.

To precisely match customers’ color needs, our in-house blending laboratory features unsurpassed technology in paint blending and dispensing operations, encompassing several high-performance paint manufacturers. In our laboratory, computers scan samples and provide the recipe of tints and bases to match anything from a piece of metal to a swatch of fabric.

Colors and forms affect how we go about our everyday lives. Bold hues are coming forward in architectural design. Warm, pearlised painted aluminum is starting to take a stronghold. Brushed and polished aluminum finishes also have emerged as a newer trend.

The proprietary, copper anodize finish continuous to attract building teams seeking a distinctive look. “Architects appreciate this unique finish for a wide range of projects: from eye-catching modern designs to historic restoration projects that will never patina,” adds Schroeder. This exclusive, eco-friendly finish allows aluminum to present the look of real copper without such shortcomings as salt run-off stains, galvanic corrosion and patina.

Photos courtesy of Dri-Design

Linetec’s eco-friendly anodize process creates an aesthetically appealing, matte finish. As slight imperfections can be common with secondary billet, the eco-friendly process is well suited for products manufactured with recycled aluminum. Materials with recycled content may assist building projects seeking certification through the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Rating System™.

With respect to green building goals, the anodize process contains no VOCs. When it is time for the installed architectural product to be removed, anodized aluminum is 100% recyclable, lending itself to post-consumer recycled content during demolition or restoration of the building.

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