Qualify your paint code

paint samplesWhen specifying a paint code for your project, Linetec strongly recommends that you always double checking for accuracy. The specific code is what drives the ordering process and the achieved color. The color name is only a guideline; many times manufacturers and applicators will have the same paint name for different paint types and colors. Relying on a color name alone can be a risk. As an example, one manufacturer can have 50 paint codes all named Hartford Green. 

Accuracy of the paint code is vital. Paint manufacturer and many applicators have their own coding system for assigning paint codes to colors. Each letter and number within the product formula has a specific meaning related to the color and tint, gloss, primer, topcoat, or the use of mica and metallic’s. Due to the immeasurable number of different Paint Codes, one incorrect number or letter within a code can completely change the paint formulation.